ONETONG, founded in 1987, specializing in the production, research & development for hollow blow molding machinery. Basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with our rich production experience, create a high performance, excellent handling, extremely low failure rate hollow blow molding machinery. Becoming to the leading hollow blow molding machinery manufacturer in China. Our machines best selling domestic and foreign markets, well received by customers. Choose ONETONG, will let your business scale new heights.
  ONETONG machine can be widely used in production of various hollow plastic goods, such as hollow toys, eye drops, lactic acid milk, consmetics, detergent, edible oil cans, toolbox, automobile air ducting and large size barrel used in chemical industry.

Components for standard type
JAPAN Mitsubishi Computer, MMI, Frequency Inverter
  YUKEN Hydraulic Valve, Fuji Contactor,
GERMANY SICK/P+F Proximity Switch, REXROTH Pneumatic Valve.
ITALY ATOS Servo Valve, Afagomma Hydraulic Pipe.
TAIWAN Airtac Pneumatic Cylinder
CHINA INVT Frequency Inverter


1) With Safety Light Curtain:At present only our machine use safety light curtain in China, ensure the production safety. And our machine structure is reasonable, safer than the clamping machine, easy debugging and operating. The clamping wound or clamping death accident will never happen. Unlike the other kind of clamping structure blow molding machine.

2) Mitsubishi MMI & PLC:A Fully Functioning Machine.

3) The station structure is national patent product, clamping force is 2 times stronger as much as the same kind of machine. After auto deflashing, the product almost no burr.

4) The Used Of Hydraulic System Motor with double vane pump, More Than 50% Energy Saving Compare To The Same Type Of Machine.

5) Mixing Screw:Better Plasticizing & Better Color Mixing.

6) Our machine on the premise of normal operation, the maintenance rate almost zero on the first 5 years, the output would be close to the new after 15 years.

7) Equipped With Stainless Steel Blow Pin, Avoid Rust Pluggin The Water Pipe And Affect The Cooling Effect Of The Pin.

8) Automatic Concentrated Lubrication System, Send Oil In Fixed Quantity At Fixed Time, Keep Machine In Well-Lubricated.

9) Equipped With The Precision Of Hydraulic Oil Filtration System, With Detection and Indicate Function, Ensure The Hydraulic Oil Is Clean, And Durable of Hydraulic System.

10) Equipped With Accumulation Air Compressor, Water-Oil-Dust Separating System To Make The Pneumatic System More Stable and Durable.

11) Mute & hardened & large-size German FAG bearing for extrusion reducer, ensure the reducer can running smoothly and efficiently, while other brand of machine the extrusion reducer will damage during half a year to 2 years due to the quality problems of bearing ring,cover.

12) High quality chroming guide pin with tin-bronze copper bushing,ensure samll abrasion and the position of friction will not become black, more durable.Other manufacturer use bronze or iron-based power only, it rust easily, guide pin damage easily.

13) Our accessories all are used domestic and world class brand, ensure our machine stability and high capacity, easy maintenance.

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